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Conscious Box - Vegan April 2013 Review

This April Vegan Conscious box review is quite delayed. I was considering whether or not I should write a review for April because, honestly, I was a bit disappointed in the box contents. However, I reasoned that it would be helpful for readers to see the contents of the April Vegan Conscious box to determine if this subscription box is a good fit for their lifestyle. I procrastinated while writing this review because I prefer to not write negative reviews on products and subscription boxes. These opinions are solely my own and keep in mind that the same products/subscription box may have been loved by others.

Conscious box

Contents: The April Conscious box theme month was 'Small Changes Make a Big Difference'. My box included 10 different items (2 baby, 1 beauty, 3 food, 2 health and 2 home products). 


1. Nurturme dried organic babyfood in plump peas, 0.46 oz

2. TotLogic body lotion, 0.24 fl oz 

Nurturme: Full size cost: $9.49 for 8 pouches (0.46 oz each)
Sample cost: $1.19

TotLogic: Full size cost: $18 for 8 oz

Sample cost: $0.54


Seventh Generation mandarin refreshing facial cleansing cloths, 1 facial cloth

Full size cost: $5.99 for 30 facial cloths
Sample cost: $0.20


1. Alternative Baking Company gluten-free cookie in fudge indulgence, 2.25 oz

Full size cost: $1.99
Sample cost: $1.99

2. Beanfield's snacks bean & rice chips in nacho, 1.5 oz

Full size cost: $30 for 24 bags (1.5 oz each)
Sample cost: $1.25

3. Wei of Chocolate, 3 pieces

Full size cost: $30 for 24 assorted pieces
Sample cost: $3.75


1. Everly natural drink mix in pomegranate maqui berry, 0.1 oz packet

Full size cost: $18 for 2 boxes (6 packets each) - based on kickstarter pledge
Estimated sample cost: $0.67

2. Nuline nutritionals Qspeed fast-melt CoQ10, 2 fast-melt tablets

Full size cost: $24.95 for 40 fast-melt tablets
Sample cost: $1.25

Home goods:

1. Beaumont products citrus magic air freshener, 1.5 fl oz

Full size cost: $3.99 for 1.5 fl oz
Sample cost: $3.99

2. Naturally it's clean floors, estimated 0.5 oz - 1 oz

Full size cost: $6.60 for 16 oz
Sample cost: $0.21-0.41


Vegan Conscious Box April 2013
Total box value: $15.04-15.24


Size: I was disappointed that 8 of the 10 products were one-time use samples. Compared to my March Classic Conscious Box, I was also disappointed to see that I received 'duplicates' of only a single sample (Wei chocolates). Duplicates of one-time use samples allow me to try a product a couple times and properly form an opinion about it. I generally reserve judgement on the performance of one-time-use foil samples, unless it is a true standout.

Products: The product that I was most excited about were the 
Wei chocolates. Conscious box disappointed me this month with 2 baby products and 2 
dietary supplements. We currently do not have children, so the baby products do not fit our demographic. Also, I did not expect to receive nutritional supplements in a natural and eco-friendly subscription box. However, I like the inclusion of beauty, food and household products in Conscious boxAlso, as with all subscription boxes, the 'discovery' aspect is one of the reasons why I like subscription boxes. I appreciate that Conscious box has introduced me to more natural and eco-friendly brands.


Poor - a monthly subscription costs $19.95 and I received over $15 worth of eco-friendly and natural products. I took advantage of a discount to get this Vegan box. I am going to try the Vegan Conscious box for one more month to see if this month was just a poor representation of the Vegan box subscription.

Do you subscribe to Conscious box? What did you think of April's box? 

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Conscious box.  Post contains a referral link.

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