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Love With Food June 2013 Review

I like the philosophy behind Love With Food (LWF) and I found a great deal, so I bought a 6-month subscription to LWF!

Contents: The June LWF theme this month was 'Summer Bash.' It included 10 different items.

Love With Food

Unboxing the June 2013 Love With Food Box

1. Original Roasted Seaweed from Seaweed Love, 0.18 oz

Full Size Cost: $32.99 for 24 pouches, 0.18 oz each
Sample Cost: $1.37

I grew up eating freshly roasted and seasoned seaweed, so this is a blast from the past. This roasted seaweed snack is all natural and does not contain MSG, trans fat, dairy, cholesterol nor gluten. This snack contains only 25 calories with a surprisingly high amount, 35% of the daily value, of Vitamin A. 

2. Coconut & Mango Fruit Ice from Smooze, 2.25 oz

Full Size Cost: $13.99 for box of 6 fruit ice pouches, 2.25 oz each
Sample Cost: $2.33

I've seen these at Whole Foods and I am excited to try this frozen treat! I love the Whole Foods brand frozen mango fruit bars (relatively inexpensive at ~$2.75 for 4 fruit bars), so this fruit ice has some tough competition.  

Update: This smooze fruit ice was good, but not great. The coconut and mango flavors were good - tasted natural and neither flavor was overbearing. However, I did not like the packaging. You have to cut the package open and then squeeze the fruit ice out of the package. So, you need a pair of clean kitchen scissors to enjoy this fruit ice, which is an inconvenience. I prefer the flavor, packaging and price of the Whole Foods brand frozen mango fruit bars over this fruit ice. Would not re-purchase. 

3. Gluten-Free Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar from Do More Bars, 1.23 oz

Full Size Cost: $23 for 12 bars, 1.23 oz each
Sample Cost: $1.92

This is another blast from the past - I used to make rice crispy treats with my brother for school bake sales. This rice crispy treat is made with gluten-free ingredients such as organic brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, dried pineapple and organic coconut. I'm going to save this cereal bar for an afternoon when I need a sweet and crunchy nostalgic treat.

Update: This rice crispy treat was surprisingly good. I was surprised that I liked it because I don't usually like pineapple coconut flavored foods or drinks. The rice bits were crispy (I was worried that these rice bits would become soggy), the brown rice syrup gave this rice crispy treat the perfect amount of sweetness and the pineapple coconut flavor was pleasant and not overpowering. The pineapple flavor was slightly more noticeable than the coconut flavor. I would recommend and re-purchase.

4. Organic Fruity Bears from Surf Sweets, 0.5 oz

Full Size Cost: $4.49 for 5 pouches, 0.9 oz each
Sample Cost: $0.50

These gummy bears are a made with organic fruit juices and fortified with Vitamin C (35% of the daily value). These gummy bears are free of the 10 most common allergens (including soy, dairy and gluten), corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors. I love gummy bears - I'll admit that I buy Haribo gummy bears in 5-lb. increments - so I am excited to try these natural gummy bears.

Update: These gummy bears were more sticky than chewy. The flavors were unremarkable. I would not re-purchase. I'll stick with my favorite Haribo gummy bears for now.

5. Sweet Plantain Chips from Turbana, 1.05 oz

Full Size Cost: $28.40 for 20 bags, 1.05 oz each
Sample Cost: $1.42

I love sweet plantains in all forms, so I am sure that I will love these chips. These plantain chips are 100% natural and the only ingredients are plantains, vegetable oil and sugar. I appreciate that these plantain chips are GMO free and do not contain trans fats. We are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Central Park and have been going on monthly picnics. This bag of plantain chips will be reserved for our next picnic in Central Park.

Update: These plantain chips were great. The chips had a nice crunch, were cut thinly, lightly sweetened and not greasy. I would re-purchase and recommend.

6. Pomegranate Mint Chewing Gum from PUR Gum, 1 pack

Full Size Cost: $21.60 for 12 packs
Sample Cost: $1.80

This sugar-free gum is made with xylitol. I appreciate that this gum is free of aspartame and GMOs. Also, it is free of dairy, gluten and nuts, so it is safe for people with those specific food allergies.

7. Organic Hard Candy from GoOrganic, 2 pieces

Full Size Cost: $15.50 for 12 oz bag
Estimated Sample Cost: $0.39 for 2 pieces (total weight 0.3 oz)

These organic candies are handmade! I received 2 flavors - blood orange and organic apple. Hard candy isn't something that I usually crave, but these will be perfect when I want a small sweet treat. I like that these candies are available in interesting 'grown-up' flavors. 

8. Organic Drink Mix from Flavrz, 1 fl. oz.

Full Size Cost: $39 for 16 pouches, 1.23 oz each
Sample Cost: $1.98

This is drink mix is an interesting concept - it's a sports drink mix that contains organic fruit juices and electrolytes. I like that the package provides 'mix to taste' recommendations, so that you can adjust the level of sweetness and flavor in your water. I usually drink plain water or tea throughout the day, so this will be a treat for my taste buds! This drink mix is free of gluten, soy, nuts and dairy.

9. All-Natural Fruit and Soy Bar in Pineapple from SoyJoy, 1 bar

Full Size Cost: $6 for 5 bars
Sample Cost: $1.20

Unfortunately, my first impression of this soy bar is that it will be my least favorite item in the box. This soy bar is all natural, contains real fruit and is gluten-free. I appreciate that it does not contain trans fats. I will stash this in my purse for an on-the-go snack.

10. $50 Naked Wines gift card (bonus item)

Gift card value $50


Total Estimated Retail Value: $12.91
Plus $50 gift card

Product tally:
Sweet: 5
Savory: 2
Miscellaneous: 3

Size: I was happy that we received 7 full size items and 2 samples!

ProductsWe received a good variety of high-quality edibles this month. I discovered a handful of new products this month through LWF. Finally, I appreciate that the majority of the products are all-natural.

Value: Fair. I like that LWF donates a meal for every LWF box that is delivered. During June and July, LWF will be donating 2 (instead of the usual 1) meals to Oklahoma foodbanks for every LWF that is delivered. We received over $12 worth of products this month. Normally, LWF boxes are $12 ($10 per month, plus $2 for shipping and handling). We had purchased a 6-month LWF subscription on Fab for $46.20. 

Are you a LWF subscriber? What was your favorite item from this month's LWF box?

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  • If you sign up for LWF and use 'FBGIFT', you will get your first month free (only have to pay $2 for shipping)! 

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Love With Food.  Post contains a referral link. Click here for more information on disclosures and referrals.

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