Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March empties

During March I had focused on using up hotel toiletries!

March 2013 empties


Philosophy vanilla birthday cake bubble bath/shampoo/shower gel, travel size
This 3-in-1 product was the Sephora 2011 birthday gift. I enjoy scents that are in the citrus or food categories. This philosophy product has a sweet vanilla scent that does not linger after it is rinsed off. As a body wash it was moisturizing and lathered nicely. As a bubble bath it was not as foamy as my usual bubble bath products. I did not use it as a shampoo, so I can't comment on its' performance as a shampoo. Would not re-purchase.


My skin was very well moisturized in March

Neutrogena body lotion light sesame formula, travel size
This light body lotion was easy-to-spread, quickly absorbed, non-greasy and nicely scented. My skin felt soft and smooth after using this body lotion. Would re-purchase.

Yes to carrots intense recovery body lotion, full size
This body lotion should be labeled as a body butter because the texture was wonderfully rich. It was moisturizing, non-greasy and nicely scented. Would re-purchase.

Le Meridien moisturizer, travel size
Toiletry from the Le Meridien hotel. This light body moisturizer was easy-to-spread, quickly absorbed, non-greasy and nicely scented. Would re-purchase.


Renu contact lens solution, full size
I wear soft contact lenses that are replaced quarterly (every 3 months). I have used Clear Care cleaning solution, generic drug-store hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution and Renu multipurpose solution for the past year. I had purchased the drug-store hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution and the Renu solution to save money (I was in grad school for the past 3 years); however, I have noticed that my eyes are more easily irritated and dry while using these 2 solutions. Also, my ophthalmologist recommended that I use a hydrogen peroxide based contact lens cleaning solution. So, I would not re-purchase this product. Usually I purchase generic drug-store products, because these products contain the same active ingredients as the brand name products. However, the generic hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution also caused my eyes to be more easily irritated. Therefore, I have re-purchasing Clear Care. 

Hotel bath products:

Heavenly spa white tea aloe conditioner, travel size
Toiletry from the Westin hotel. I like the scent of the white tea aloe line - it does remind me of soothing spa scents. I like that the Westin toiletries contain wheat proteins, mineral peptides, essential oils and vitamins A, C, and E. This conditioner moisturizes and leaves my hair shiny. However, it does not detangle my long, thin, fine hair. Would re-purchase.

Heavenly spa white tea aloe shampoo, travel size

Toiletry from the Westin hotel. This shampoo cleans my hair well and leaves it soft and shiny. However, it is less viscous than my usual shampoos, so I had to use more of this shampoo when I washed my hair. Would re-purchase.

Hotel conditioner, travel size
Toiletry from miscellaneous hotel. Unfortunately, this conditioner was not moisturizing and did not help to detangle my hair. Would not re-purchase.

Bliss lemon & sage conditioning rinse, travel size
Toiletry from the W hotel. I have very long, thin, fine hair that gets tangled easily. This conditioner moisturizes, detangles and leaves my hair shiny. Also, I like the fresh citrus scent of the products in the Bliss lemon & sage line. Would re-purchase.

Bliss lemon & sage soapy sap, travel size
Toiletry from the W hotel. This body wash was moisturizing, nicely scented, and lathered nicely. Would re-purchase.

Bliss lemon & sage supershine shampoo, travel size

Toiletry from the W hotel. This shampoo lathers nicely, cleans my hair well, leaves my hair shiny and is nicely scented. Would re-purchase.

Oral health:

Aquafresh extreme clean, travel size
Aquafresh toothpastes taste great. This toothpaste is not abrasive, so it did not irritate my gums. It functions as a great toothpaste - prevents cavities and plaque, cleans and whitens teeth, and contains fluoride. Would re-purchase.

Hotel mouthwash, travel size

Toiletry from miscellaneous hotel. Would re-purchase.


SK-II facial treatment clear lotion, deluxe sample
This alcohol-free toner has made a significant improvement in my skin. My skin is more radiant, more smooth and has less break-outs. Also, it did not irritate or dry my skin. Would re-purchase.

MAD skincare transforming daily moisturizer, deluxe sample
This facial moisturizer was creamy, easy-to-spread and did not break me out. However, it left my skin feeling tacky and I did not like the scent. Would consider re-purchasing.

Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) laser-free resurfacer, deluxe sample

This PTR gel serum was non-greasy, applied smoothly and did not break me out. My mother and I both noticed that my skin looked 'lighter' (i.e. less hyperpigmentation). However, it is difficult to attribute these results solely to this product, as I have been using different serums in the morning. I used this PTR serum solely at night due to the red color and thick, tacky texture. The PTR serum did not have an effect on my fine lines or ruddiness. Finally, there were a few instances when my face would burn for a few seconds after I applied this serum. Would not re-purchase.

Benta Berry G1 moisturizer, deluxe sample
I wanted to love this moisturizer because it is all natural. Unfortunately, it just did not work with my combination skin. The moisturizer would ball up and flake off my skin, making it difficult to spread across my face. I only wore this as a night time moisturizer because of the balling/flaking. Would not re-purchase.

Foils: I am going to reserve judgement on foil samples, unless it is a true standout!

Garnier fructis fall fight fortifying shampoo and conditioner


Burt's Bees lip gloss, full size
This lip gloss did not serve up to its' name, as it did not give my lips much shine. It should be labeled as a lip balm. It had a pleasant smell, but that is about the extent of my positive views on this product. This is another product that I wanted to love because it is all natural. Personally, I do not think that it is practical when lip products are packaged in pots. This type of packaging (as opposed to a stick) results in a larger surface area being exposed to the environment when it is opened and also requires you to dip something into the product to retrieve and use it. I need to remember to avoid pot packaging, despite its' cuteness factor. The balm itself had a dry consistency, so it was difficult to retrieve the balm from the pot and also to apply it evenly. The balm was light-weight, modestly moisturizing, and not sticky. Would not re-purchase. I tossed this product because it expired, but I will re-use the cute pot though!

What did you use up in March?  

 Disclaimer:  These products were purchased by me or were gifts with purchase, hotel toiletries or items received in a product swap.
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