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July 2013 Empties

August was a busy month - I was sick for over a week, we had 2 different houseguests and we went on vacation. So, now I have a backlog of posts that I had wanted to publish in August. This July empties post is one of those delayed posts. Other posts that are still to come: July Conscious Box, July Klutchclub, August Love with Food, August Wantable Box, August empties and another shopping haul. 

Well, I have amassed a small mountain of products in our tiny NYC apartment. So, I am determined to use up my inventory of samples and full size products! I am proud to say that I have been using up significantly more products ever since my first empties post in February

July empties

Bath and Body:

Empties: bath & body

1. J. Burlington & Sons Botanicals Hand Wash in Cucumber & Bilberry, full size
I liked the scent and it even foamed nicely despite being soap-free. I also appreciate that this brand does not test on animals. I bought this hand wash from T.J. Maxx, but I haven't seen it in the store recently. I would re-purchase.

2. Scentsational Sugar Scrub in Grapefruit, full size
I liked the refreshing scent of this sugar scrub. It effectively exfoliated my skin and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Unfortunately, this small business closed up shop in June and is no longer taking orders. If they re-opened, I would re-purchase. Luckily, I still have a couple small containers of their salt scrub.

Eye Care:

Empties: eye care

1. Bausch & Lomb Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution, travel size

This is the best non-hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution that I've tried. Although, Clear Care is my absolute favorite, I'd re-purchase this if I wasn't able to find Clear Care.

2. Clear Care 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution, full size

I've mentioned this product in previous empties posts. This is the best contact lens cleaning solution that I have tried. I would re-purchase.


Empties: hair

Bvlgari Shampoo, travel size

Toiletry from the Ritz Carlton. I've mentioned this product in a previous empties post. I would consider purchasing.

Oral Health:

Empties: oral health

Crest 3D White Toothpaste in Icy Cool Mint, full size

This toothpaste cleaned teeth, prevented cavities and plaque, and contained fluoride. Also, this toothpaste was not abrasive, did not foam excessively and did not have a gritty texture. The mint flavor was pleasant, not overwhelming and did not 'burn' my mouth. Would re-purchase. 


Empties: skincare

1. Anatomy Naturals 100% Natural Revitalizing Mud Mask, deluxe sample 
I initially opened this container when I received it in a Klutchbox several months ago. However, I was very put off by the smell of the mask, so I closed the container and pushed it in the back of my medicine cabinet. I re-discovered this mask while I was doing an inventory of my products. When I opened the mask container again, I was disappointed to find that the mask was dried up and still had an unpleasant odor! Although the smell was off-putting, I reconstituted it with water and gave it a try. I was able to get 3 mask applications from this sample. The mask had a smooth texture that made it easy to apply and remove. There was slight-moderate tingling upon application and while mask was drying. Mask did not dry very 'tightly' and I liked that it did not leave my skin feeling tight, dry and stripped. Also, it was easy to wash off this mask. Results were similar to other facial masks - skin felt softer and smoother after mask application. However, the mask had a foul, off-putting smell that lingered the entire time that the mask was on. I would not purchase due to foul smell. 

2. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, deluxe sample
Pleasant smell that is characteristic of the majority of Caudalie products. The serum had a light consistency and absorbed easily. I did not use for a long enough period to report on long-term effects, but my skin does look slightly brighter. I would consider purchasing.

3. Delizioso Skincare Green Tea Facial Cream SPF 30, deluxe sample 
This was a light, hydrating cream that contained SPF 30. I did not like the scent and it left my face 'shiny' at the end of the day. Would not purchase because I prefer the Delizioso mangosteen & acai facial cream. 

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, deluxe sample

This is a non-greasy, hydrating serum. However, it left my skin feeling tacky. I used it for about a month and did not see a significant difference in my skin texture or radiance. I would not purchase because of lack of significant results. 

5. Scalisi Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30, deluxe sample
This was a smooth, lightweight moisturizer that may be more appropriate for those with normal skin. My combination-oily face was 'shiny' immediately upon application and also throughout the day. I liked that it contained broad spectrum SPF 30 because that eliminates a step in my morning skincare regimen. However, due to the 'shine', I would not purchase.

Empties: more skincare 

6. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets, full size
These blotting sheets worked effectively to absorb the excess oil on my face. The sheets had a citrus scent, which I think is unnecessary. I would not re-purchase due to ingredients like polypropylene and mineral oil.

Empties: even more skincare

7. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Grapefruit, full size
I loved this lip balm and wrote an entire post about it here. However, due to its' ingredients, I would not re-purchase.


Empties: tool

Schick Hydro Silk Razor, full size
*Received complimentary from Influenster*
I had a little bit of trouble adjusting to this razor initially - I would nick myself, especially around my knees. However, it gave me a smooth, close shave. Also, the handle was ergonomically designed and easy to use in the shower. Would consider purchasing.


Empties: foils

1. Clark's Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream, foil sample
I loved this eye cream. This eye cream had a thick consistency, but it absorbed easily into the delicate eye area and it did not feel heavy. I was able to use this foil for almost 2 weeks, applied both during the night and day. I was surprised by the results! I noticed that the bags under my eyes were significantly less puffy and the dark circles were brightened. This eye cream gave the impression that I was fully rested! I would absolutely recommend and re-purchase. It may even be worthy of holy grail status (I would have to use a full size product to determine this accurately)!

2. Dickinson's Oil Controlling Towelettes, foil sample
*Received complimentary from Influenster*
I've used a few of these now, so I feel comfortable giving my opinion on it. It was easy to use since the towelettes are individually packaged. It felt gentle, non-greasy and it left a 'clean' feeling. However, my skin was a tad tight after I used it, probably due to one of the ingredients being alcohol. I wouldn't use these on a regular basis, but I would keep it around as a quick way to clean my face if I didn't have access to a sink. Would consider purchasing for travel.

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What have you used up recently?  

Disclaimer: Most of these products were purchased by me or were gifts with purchase, hotel toiletries or items received in a product swap. Two products were provided for review and are indicated as such.The site is a member of VigLink. Click here for more information on disclosures and referrals.

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