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Conscious Box Classic July 2013 Review

This July Classic Conscious box review is quite delayed. I'm starting to sound like a broken record...once again (yes, for the fourth straight month), I was disappointed in the Conscious box contents. I procrastinated while writing this review because I prefer to not write negative reviews on products and subscription boxes. However, I reasoned that it would be helpful for readers to see the contents of the July Classic Conscious box to determine if this subscription box is a good fit for their lifestyle. These opinions are solely my own and keep in mind that the same products/subscription box may have been loved by others. 

Conscious box

The July Conscious box theme month was 'Find Nature's Fireworks'. My Classic Conscious box included 15 different items (2 baby/children, 1 beauty, 2 food, 6 health and 4 home products). 

1. Kidslac Sour Apple Kids Probiotics, 2 packets, 0.053 oz each

Full size cost: $16.50 for 30 packets
Sample cost: $1.10

2. Totlogic Gentle, Natural & Light Body Lotion, 0.24 oz

Full size cost: $18 for 8 oz
Sample cost: $0.54

1. Adonia Bronzing Organic Self-Tanner, estimated 0.15 oz

Full size cost: $39
Estimated sample cost: $0.50

1. Clif Bar Energy Bar in Sierra Trail Mix2.4 oz

Full size cost: $15 for 12 bars
Sample cost: $1.25

2. Good Nature Tea in Rose Hips & Hibiscus Tea2 bags

Full size cost: $4.99 for 20 bags
Sample cost: $0.49

1. Ancient Minerals "Goodnight" Magnesium Lotion with Melatonin, 0.10 oz

Full size cost: $40 for 2 packs of 8 oz bottles
Sample cost: $0.13

2. Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Xylitol Mints in Fresh Fruit Mint2 packets, 2 mints each

Full size cost $6.50 for 60 mints
Sample cost: $0.22

3. Hebron USA Kios DS Stomach Relief, 28 coated tablets

Full size cost: $19.99
Sample cost: $19.99

4. Last Round All Natural Hangover Support, 2.4 oz

Full size cost $9.95 for 6 pack
Sample cost: $1.66

5. MRM Hydration Factor, 6 grams

Full size cost: $21.99 for 15 stick packs
Sample cost: $1.47

6. Similasan 100% Natural Computer Eye Relief Drops0.03 oz

Full size cost: $10.49 for 0.33 oz
Sample cost: $0.95

1. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel, 1 towel

Full size cost: $11.99 for 20 towels
Sample cost: $0.60

2. Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner, 1 tablet

Full size cost: $9.95 for 10 tablets
Sample cost: $1.00

3. Eco-Gecko Wooden Cutlery1 mini spoon

Full size cost: $7.90 for 100 pack
Sample cost: $0.08

4. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets2 tablets

Full size cost: $5.95 for 25 tablets
Sample cost: $0.48


Classic Conscious Box July 2013
Total box value: $30.46

Size: I was disappointed to receive 13 one-time use products (out of a total of 15 products). Although, there were duplicates of 5 one-time use products.

Products: I am, once again, disappointed to find children's products in this box since we were asked whether or not we had children in the household (in an online survey 3-months prior to this July box). Also, it appears that Conscious Box thinks that I'm a parent with stomach troubles, who likes to drink and apply self-tanner. Unfortunately, this box does not seem to cater to my demographic. In addition, I dislike getting repeat products in subscription boxes. This is the third time that I've received the Ecover and Totlogic samples. The main point of subscription boxes is to try new products. All of my Conscious boxes have been under a single account, so the system should catch and prevent repeat products. On a positive note, I like the inclusion of food and household products in Conscious box. I am most excited about the Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel and Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner.

Value: Good - a monthly subscription costs $19.95 and I received over $30 worth of eco-friendly and natural products. 

Misc: I am happy to see that Conscious box has continued to include a list of box contents! I still wish that Conscious box would feature and sell all of these products on their website. It is inconvenient that I can't find 8 of these 15 products on the Conscious box website - which means that there is limited product information and I can not purchase these 8 products on the Conscious box website.

Do you subscribe to Conscious box? What did you think of this July box? 

If you are interested in Conscious box, use the code "FIRSTBOXFREE" and you only have to pay $7.95 for shipping.

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Conscious box. I paid for this  Conscious Box - box was not provided for review. Post contains a referral link. This site is a member of Viglink. Click here for more information on disclosures and referrals.
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