Thursday, September 19, 2013

Travel Size Thursday: Clear Scalp & Hair, Gluten Free Beauty, Earthpaste, Lierac, Supergoop

@BeautyEmpties recently started #travelsizethursday on Instagram. The premise of this activity is that you try 5 samples for the week and then post your results. I loved the idea because it's a great way to use up my stash of samples. Also, I love reading the results from each of the participants at the end of each week.

Here are my 5 recent picks for #travelsizethursday

Products for Travel Size Thursday

1. Clear Scalp & Hair Damage & Color Repair Conditioner
This conditioner moisturized, detangled and left my hair shiny. I appreciate that this product does not contain parabens. I am intrigued by the brand's claim of stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days. At this time, I can't verify this claim because this sample lasted for just 3 days. I don't color my hair, so I don't necessarily need to use a color repair conditioner. However, I would like to try either the volumizing root boost or total care conditioner.

2. Earthpaste Toothpaste in Cinnamon
This natural toothpaste was...different. It's wasn't as moist as traditional toothpastes. So, if I applied this toothpaste onto my toothbrush and then wet the brush, then the toothpaste would frequently fall off the brush because the paste wasn't 'sticky'. Also, this toothpaste doesn't contain bleach or artificial colors, so the color is similar to that of sand. Finally, this toothpaste does not foam *at all*, so I took extra time to carefully brush each individual tooth. This toothpaste was not abrasive and it did not have a gritty texture. The cinnamon flavor was pleasant, not overwhelming and did not 'burn' my mouth. I appreciate that this product does not contain parabens. For now, I'm on the fence about it - mainly because I was annoyed each and every time the toothpaste fell off my toothbrush! Luckily, I have a few more samples to help me decide whether or not I would purchase this item.

3. Gluten Free Beauty Facial Moisture Serum
I used this sample for 1-2 weeks with once-a-day application. The serum had a natural scent that was not overbearing. This serum was made from a variety of oils, so it had the typical consistency of a facial oil. Like other facial oils that I've tried, it left my skin looking  'shiny', so I only used it at night. I did not use this serum for a long enough period to report on long-term effects. I liked that it did not break me out and it was great to use on the raw, sensitive skin on my nose when I was sick. I appreciate that it's 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free. I would consider purchasing this item, however, Gluten Free Beauty is no longer taking orders.

4. Lierac Paris Gommage Sensoriel
I used this body scrub on damp skin and then followed it with a body wash, because otherwise it would leave an oily film on my skin. It provided gentle exfoliation and my skin was not irritated after using this product. I liked the scent - it was feminine and not overwhelming. However, I was annoyed by this tube's packaging - it had a small opening in which the sugar crystals would frequently get stuck, clogging the tube and making it difficult to get the product out of the container. Well, the full size product is in jar packaging. I generally dislike jar packaging, so I would prefer if this body scrub was packaged in a large tube with a larger opening. I appreciate that this product does not contain parabens and that Lierac does not test their products on animals. I would consider purchasing.

5. Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30
This was a combination product consisting of serum, moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen. It had a medium-to-thick consistency, which was more like a moisturizer with sunscreen than a serum. It sufficiently hydrated my combination-oily skin during the summer. In addition, it did not break me out! I really liked that it was a combination of 3 products. Although it was non-greasy, I wish that it had more of a matte finish (it left my face somewhat 'shiny' immediately after application). I want to love this combination product because it eliminates 2 steps of my skincare routine in the morning. Also, I appreciate that this product does not contain parabens or fragrances (2 ingredients that I would like to avoid in my skincare products). I recently swapped for a couple deluxe size samples of this product, so I will try it during other seasons and see how my skin reacts to it. At the moment, I would consider purchasing this product.

What samples have you tried recently? Join us on Instagram with #travelsizethursday

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