Saturday, March 23, 2013

Barkbox March 2013 Review

Contents: This month's BarkBox was curated by E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist for Elle magazine. Our Small & Cute box included 5 items. 

Unboxing the March 2013 Barkbox

1. LollyCadoodle Wool Mouse 

Estimated retail value $12.95

Apparently cats aren't the only animals that love pursuing mice! This is a hand made toy from skilled artisans in Nepal. It is made of 100% wool, so it is natural and biodegradable. 

2. Harry Barker Hemp Bone

Retail value $10

This hemp bone is made with 50% hemp and 50% cotton blend fabric. Hemp is naturally durable, mildew resistant, antibacterial and antifungal. This hemp bone is stuffed with hypo-allergic eco-friendly fiberfill that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The dye is earth-friendly and azo-free. Finally, you can machine wash these hemp toys in warm water and dry on low heat or air dry.

3. FeelGood Treats Teeny Treats, 5.3 oz 

Retail Value $6.99

These gourmet treats are perfect for small breeds. There are only 3 ingredients in these treats - liver, oat flour and extra virgin olive oil. I appreciate that these treats are all-natural and are free of wheat, corn, soy, salt, sugar, additives, preservatives, colourings and artificial flavorings. These bite sized goodies are perfect as a training treat. Finally, FeelGood Treats has been owned, operated and handcrafted in Canada since 1999.

4. Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies, 7 oz

Estimated Retail Value $6.95

These gourmet goodies are cookies that you and your dog can enjoy together. Yes, you read that correctly, these cookies are safe for human consumption! These cookies are all-natural and are free of preservatives and artificial flavorings. Finally, these are made in the USA. 

5. Angie's List Dog Poop Bags and Container

Estimated Retail Value $6.39

We can always use more dog poop bag containers and bags. I appreciate that these poop bags are biodegradable. 

Total estimated retail value: $43.28

Product tally:
Toys = 2
Treats = 2
Hygiene = 1

Size: I was happy that we received 5 full size items!

Products: We received a good variety of high-quality products this month. Our dog is most excited about the Lollycadoodle wool mouse and the FeelGood Treats teeny treats. I appreciate that all the edible goods are made in the USA or Canada.

Value: Good - the 6-month subscription is $18 per month and we received over $40 worth of products. Our dog loves BarkBox. The high-quality products and 10% shelter/rescue donation makes BarkBox a great subscription box!

Are you a BarkBox subscriber? What was your dog's favorite item from this month's BarkBox?

Never heard of BarkBox? Read my BarkBox summary.

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Barkbox.  Post contains a referral link. 

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