Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel Size Thursday: Delizioso, Estee Lauder, Kerastase, Kiehl's and Nastassja

@BeautyEmpties recently started #travelsizethursday on Instagram. The premise of this activity is that you pick 5 samples to try for the week and post your results. I loved the idea because it's a great way to use up my stash of samples. Also, I love reading the results from each of the participants at the end of each week.

Here are my 5 recent picks for #travelsizethursday

1. Delizioso Skincare Green Tea Facial Cream SPF 30 

This was a light facial cream that sufficiently hydrated my combination-oily skin during the summer. I liked that it contained SPF 30, because that eliminated one step of my skincare routine in the morning. Unfortunately, I did not like the scent (it did not remind me of 'green tea' at all) and it left my face 'shiny' at the end of the day. I appreciate that it is a natural product, however, I would not purchase this facial cream because I prefer the Delizioso mangosteen & acai facial cream. 

2. Nastassja Enzyme Facial Peel 

This was a gentle chemical exfoliator. I liked that I did not feel a 'burning' or even a 'tingling' sensation while this product was on my face. After application, it helped to make my skin softer and slightly more radiant. I appreciate that it is a natural product, however, I would not purchase because I prefer physical exfoliators. 

3. Kerastase Elixir Ultime 

This hair oil made my hair soft and shiny. However, it was heavily perfumed. I would not purchase because of its' overwhelming scent. 

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 

This was a non-greasy, hydrating serum. I had used it for about a month and did not see a significant difference in my skin texture or radiance. Also, it left my skin feeling slightly tacky. I would not purchase because of lack of significant results. 

5. Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye 

This was a moisturizing eye cream that had a thick consistency. Unfortunately, it did not absorb easily, so I had to spend extra time applying this eye cream. Also, occasionally I found the ingredients (oils) were separated when I squeezed the eye cream from the sample tube. I would not purchase due to lack of significant results - I prefer eye creams for dark circles and puffiness.  

What samples have you tried recently? Join us on Instagram with #travelsizethursday

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