Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birchbox and Whish Event

Last night, NYC Birchbox subscribers were invited to 'An End-of-Summer Refresher' hosted by Birchbox and Whish at Eve Salon in the West Village. Birchbox subscribers were spoiled with spa treatments, cocktails and scrumptious cookies.

Eve Salon

I was thrilled to receive an invitation to this event because I have not tried Whish products yet. I learned from the Whish representative that I don't have to worry about the ingredients because the products are naturally sourced. I appreciate that Whish products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals and other potentially harmful chemicals. 

Whish Products - Naturally Sourced & Cruelty Free!

The walls of Eve Salon were lined with skincare products, including a section dedicated to Whish. Eve Salon estheticians were on hand to give complimentary Coconut Milk and Exfoliate Treatments. Finally, Birchbox generously gave all guests a complimentary Birchbox

Complimentary Birchbox filled with Whish products

The complimentary Birchbox contained:

  • Whish deodorant swipe, 1 swipe (from Whish rep)
  • Whish exfoliating body wash, 0.75 fl oz
  • Whish flawless post wax & shave serum, 1.1 fl oz
  • Whish shave cream in lavender, 2 fl oz

Have you attended a Birchbox event? What is your favorite Whish item?

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Birchbox. Post contains a referral link.

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