Saturday, July 13, 2013

Klutchclub Best of Box July 2013 Review and Promo Code!

I was excited to open up my KLUTCHclub Best of Box! I took advantage of a promo code that I posted earlier. So, I was able to get this Best of Box for only $10, which included the cost of shipping and handling.

KLUTCHclub is a health, wellness and personal care subscription box. There are 4 different options: Women, Men, Mom and Best of Box. KLUTCHclub normally gives a preview of the regular monthly boxes for Women, Men and Mom. KLUTCHclub provides some hints on the Best of Box contents because these box contents vary. Part of the fun of subscription boxes is the surprise aspect, so I couldn't wait to open up this Best of Box.

Contents: This KLUTCHclub Best of Box included 12 different items (1 beauty, 7 food, 1 health, 1 home and 2 misc. products).

Klutchclub Best of Box

1. Guam Seaweed Mud Cellulite Formula, 90 ml

Full size cost: $69 for 400 ml
Estimated sample value: $15.53

1. Drink Chia in Strawberry Citrus, 8 fl oz

Retail value: $3.49

2. Davidson's Teas, 3 teabags

Full size cost: $25.95 for 100 assorted teabags
Estimated sample value: $0.78

3. Dream Water in Snoozeberry, 2.5 fl oz

Full size cost: $14.99 for 4 pack
Estimated sample value: $3.75

4. GinGins Chewy Ginger Candy, 1.6 oz

Full size cost: $16.99 for 12 pack of 1.6 oz boxes
Estimated sample value: $1.42

5. Shakeology in Chocolate, 3 individual packets

Full size cost: $129.95 for 24 individual packets
Estimated sample value: $16.24

6. Soyjoy in Cranberry, 1.05 oz

Retail value: $1.19

7. Skinny Pop Popcorn, 0.65 oz

Full size cost: $27.65 for 30 bags (0.65 oz each)
Estimated sample value: $0.92

1. Allergease All Natural Herbal Supplement, 21 lozenges

Full size cost: $17.97 for 3 boxes (21 lozenges each)
Estimated sample value: $5.99

1. Berryplus Laundry Soap, 10 loads

Full size cost: $6 for 20 loads
Estimated sample value: $3

1. Daily Burn Gift Card, $30

Daily burn $30 gift card

2. Luminosity Gift Card, 1 month

Luminosity 1 month gift card


Klutchclub Best of Box Contents
Total box value: $52.31 plus 2 gift cards

Size: I was happy to receive 3 full size products, 4 deluxe-size samples and 2 foil sample products. I was also happy to see that I received 'duplicates' of both foil samples. Duplicates of one-time-use foil samples allow me to try a product a couple times and properly form an opinion about it.

Products: I received a good variety of products in this Best of Box. I like the inclusion of beauty, food and household products in KLUTCHclub  The majority of the brands were new to me - as I've mentioned previously, the 'discovery' aspect is one of the reasons why I like subscription boxes. I am most excited about trying the Shakeology and Berryplus laundry soap.

Value: Great - I paid $10 for this KLUTCHclub Best of Box and I received over $52 worth of products in addition to 2 gift cards. Normally, a Best of Box costs $17 plus $8 for shipping and handling. 

Do you subscribe to KLUTCHclub What do you think of this Best of Box?

Until July 19, you can get a free Best of Box. Use code 'ZZBACKTOSCHOOL' during checkout and pay just $8 for shipping and handling.

Disclaimer: I purchased this box, it was not provided for review. Post contains referral links. Click here for more information on disclosures and referrals.
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