Sunday, October 20, 2013

Goodies September 2013 Review

I received a code for a free Goodies box from a Goodies subscriber on MakeupTalk, so, I was able to try out Goodies for the first time! This is a review of the September Goodies box, so it's a belated post.


Contents: The September Goodies box included 7 different items.

Full size cost: $13.99 for 455 grams
Estimated sample cost: $0.31

I haven't had a chance to try this yet. This is a convenient, single-serving of Greek honey.

2. Bare Fruit All-Natural Apple Chips in Fuji Red, 0.53 oz bag

Full size cost: $24.75 for 24 pack of 0.53 oz bags
Estimated sample cost: $1.03

These apple chips are delicious. These are the best 'packaged' apple chips that I've had - crunchy with a pure apple flavor. I appreciate that these are all natural. Also, these are free of gluten, preservatives, fat and cholesterol. My absolute favorite apple chips are from 'Simply the Best', a vendor in Seattle's Pike's Market. I would re-purchase (in fact, after inhaling this 0.53 oz bag, I was happy to get a 10 oz bag at TJ Maxx)!

3. Gimbal's Scottie Dogs Black Licorice, 2.75 oz bag

Sample cost: $1.29 for 2.75 oz bag

This black licorice was surprisingly delicious. We are usually not fans of black licorice, so I am glad that we gave these a  try. Also, they win points for the adorable shape - this licorice is shaped like scottish terrier dogs! I would re-purchase.

4. Kashi Sundried Tomato, Basil & Feta Hummus Chips, 1 oz bag

Full size cost: $2.82 for 4 oz bag
Estimated sample cost: $0.71

I haven't had a chance to try this yet either. I'm intrigued by the chips' flavor.

5. Nestle Pure Life Splash in Lemon, 16.9 fl oz

Full size cost: $6.99 for 6 pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles
Estimated sample cost: $1.17

This product contains artificial sweetener. I don't like the taste or aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. I would prefer to drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon. I would not re-purchase.

6. Numi Organics Savory Tea in Broccoli Cilantro, 1 tea bag

Full size cost: $7.99 for box of 12 tea bags
Estimated sample cost: $0.67

I haven't had a chance to try this yet either. It sounds appealing as a broth.

7. Zone Perfect in Greek Yogurt Chocolate, 1.58 oz bar

Full size cost: $14.99 for box of 12 bars
Estimated sample cost: $1.25

I haven't had a chance to try this yet either. I've read positive reviews about this flavor, so I'll keep this in my purse for when I need a quick snack.


Total Estimated Retail Value: $6.43

Product tally:
Sweet: 4
Savory: 2
Miscellaneous: 1

SizeWe received 4 full size items, 1 deluxe size products and 2 one-time use sample. 

Products: We received a variety of edibles this month. I like that almost all of these products were new to us. We loved the Bare Fruit apple chips and the Gimbal's black licorice. Goodies normally sends 5-8 products in each box.

Value: Goodies boxes are $7 a month (including taxes and shipping). I received this box complimentary with a code from a Goodies subscriber. 

Misc: I wish that Goodies included an information card and/or a monthly theme. Without either of these, it seems like a random assortment of items (compared to a curation of products).

Are you a Goodies subscriber? What was your favorite item from this September Goodies box?

Disclosure: I am not a sponsor (paid or unpaid) for Goodies. I received this box complimentary due to a code from a Goodies subscriber - this box was not provided for review. Post does not contain referral links. The site is a member of VigLink. Click here for more information on disclosures and referrals.
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